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Hi everyone :)
I'm Meghan, 22, just graduated from college in central Pennsylvania in May.
I'm going through (and nearly finished with) the graduate school application process right now, applying to counseling programs beginning in either spring or fall or 2006. Whether I start in spring or fall, I plan on moving in January... perhaps earlier if I make a final decision soon (after I have my acceptances and rejections of course... hopefully more the former than the latter!). Johnson State is one of the small handfull of schools to which I am applying, and I want to start looking into the living arrangement thing sooner than later. There is of course no way to know where I will get in and where I will not, however I do want to start looking into potential availability now. If anyone has any info concerning campus housing, nearby housing, etc., that would be great :) If anyone just so happens to be in search of a roommate starting around January, feel free to As mentioned above, I'm Meghan, 22, a recent college grad. My undergrad majors were Religion and Philosophy, however I am going for my masters in counseling. I studied abroad in London my junior year and am in love not only with the UK, but traveling in general. When it comes to a roommate or roommates I'm not very picky. I would tend to prefer a female roommate, but the orientation of the person does not matter to me. I respect the religious and cultural beliefs, most lifestyles (barring the serial killer/ritual sacrifice on the living room floor/etc), and I only ask respect of my own in return. For the most part that comes down to the issue of sleep for me. I have a very severe level of insomnia, requiring sleep disorder specialists, sometimes odd sleep plans, heavy duty earplugs, strong Rx sleep meds, neurologists, blah blah etc. It isn't fun, but it's something I am now used to and can live with just fine. When I actually am sleeping however, it is important that I stay that way until my body wakes me up. Which is often only a couple of hours later, but nevertheless I need to be awoken only in emergency. I don't mind people over, in fact I'm looking for a roommate who wouldn't mind it either - however no matter what hour anyone might be over, I only ask that my insomnia be treated respectfully... no banging on the door or yelling for me or trying to wake me if it isn't important, etc. My earplugs tend to work pretty well when it comes to keeping noise out, however, so it shouldn't be too big of an issue. My sleep thing wont' affect roommates, however, so it shouldn't be an issue for you personally. Internet isn't a big deal - if there is wireless, great! If there isn't, I'll get a router. While I do respect everyone's beliefs and feelings, I could not live with anyone racist, homophobic, xenophobic, intolerant, or hateful, and expresses it. If a roommate would have any of those feelings, I would just ask that I not know about them. Hmm what else... I have a boyfriend who would be visiting fairly often (he lives in PA like me and goes to school in VT), so I would need a roommate who would be okay with that. I too would be alright with anyone's significant other being over whenver. I also am incredibly close to my siblings, (1 brother, 2 sisters) who may also be visiting, although not as often as Cameron. While I wouldn't want to pay anything disgustingly expensive, rent amount is not that important an issue for me. (Not because I'm rich or anything... just because I want to be comfortable and content!) I would definitely prefer a single room - I don't have a problem with sharing space, but when it comes to the sleep thing it's essential that a room be my own. If there weren't any bedroom locks I could get one as long as it would be okay to put one in... again not because of lack of trust or anything, just the insomnia! I'm a little bit of a cleanliness freak, only for my own body. Anyone else's hygeine habits are fine with me, and a little clutter doesn't bother me.... a whole lot probably would, but not a little. I personally can't tend to go without showering any day, even if I've just stayed home in pajamas... I still tend to want that shower. (Now that I think that would really bother anyone, just thought I should put it out there!) I would probably prefer having one roommate as opposed to several, if it's a standard apartment. But in the case of a house or such then of course several would be good! I rely on my cell phone and don't need a landline. If there is one that's fine but if there isn't, no need to get one!:) Love the beach almost anywhere, especially Avalon and Stone Harbor in southern New Jersey, where my family and I have been going for summers my whole life. I've been a vegetarian since age 11, for personal reasons not relating to health, religion, or morals. I have no problem with anyone else eating meat in front of me. I would only have a problem with someone looking down on me for not eating it, or looking down on other people because they do eat it. I'm not exactly an enormously huge drinker, but I do like to have a drink every now and then, so for a roommate to be over 21 would be a good thing. It isn't a key issue though (even my boyfriend's only 20!). Hmm what else about me... I'm an ice cream addict, love traveling, I read a good bit, absolutely love movies (usually the blockbuster-hits kind, not the artsier films, although I do like some of those too). Love taking pictures, having a good time... looking to live with someone fun, accepting of others, respectful, not too "uptight," generally happy and sincere.... I think I've covered it all above!

If anybody is interested or has any helpful info, please email me at Avalonbyamile at gmail dot com.
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